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Vince Laws show 'I Am A Poem' is due to come to Brighton / 19 September 2012

photo of a man in a motorcycle helmet with words painted on it

Image by Sam Collins: Vince speaking at the National LGBT Health Summit in Canterbury in September 2012.

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I have been invited to bring my show 'I Am A Poem' to the Jubilee Library, Brighton, next year. I intend to celebrate LGBT History Month with a series of events, launching on Friday 1 February 2013.

I’m hoping creative people all over the city will join in the celebration. There will be a Launch Party, a Human Library, Flashmob Poetry, a Ball, the OUT140 project, and lots more. Already there’s talk of a photo exhibition, film showings, and a choir. Get in touch if you want to take part.

I held my first solo gallery show at Georges House Gallery, Folkestone, in February this year. Gallery Director, Brigitte Orasinski, said:

“The exhibition was more than just a collection of artworks, it was a happening that involved and deeply engaged many people. Vince’s work has important things to say, but he has a deftness of touch that means he can attract attention and interest without bludgeoning people over the head with his message. His energy and attention to detail made the exhibition unique, memorable and joyful.”

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