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Folkestone: The Results / 13 April 2012

I had a fabulous time exhibiting my work and meeting the people of Folkestone in February. I didn’t get an Arts Council Grant, but went ahead and financed the show myself, andthough I say so myself, I made quite a splash. The MP came and launched LGBT History Month, the Town Mayor came, the Bishop of Dover sent his love, and I made the front page of the Folkestone Herald with my ‘disgusting art’ – Support the Troops, Start Another War!

The Stats
Volunteer artists who joined me: 8
Volunteers in non-creative roles: 11
Number of new works created 22:
Predicted figure for engagement in my ACE proposal = 1800
Total figures for engagement = 2254
Plus 25,000 readers of the Folkestone Herald
Plus listeners to Academy FM
Plus listeners to Future Radio
Plus readers of Canterbury Pride’s website
Plus readers of Kentish Times/ KM Extra
Plus readers of Creative Folkestone
Plus readers of Gscene
Plus readers of Disability Arts Online

Here’s the feedback collected during the Folkestone show, held in the beautiful Strange Cargo gallery, including coming out stories for the OUT140 project:

Your event outshone all the others especially the Brighton ones. Best wishes James Ledward, Editor, Gscene Magazine
Eat the Poor: Fantastic! Brilliant!
This man (Vince)! Has got the most unbelievable positive and creative energy!
Going to skip home and tell my Mum. Inspired! Thanks Vince, love Adrian
I like the dogs. I am curious.
What a refreshing place, and Proud to show its support. Thank you. Martin & Andy
Gay Asylum Seekers Welcome Here xxx
Love the exhibition. Fabulous works of art. Really opened my mind xx
I think it is very beautiful because it says just be yourself. Alana
Give Birds Eye Peas a chance. Jaydee xxx
My nephew came out – his older brother was a bit whoa! – but his mum was fine.
Thank you for your kind and welcoming hospitality! Love the coffee table – shame ATOS don’t give me enough to make an offer! Susan
Warm atmosphere.
I met, fell in love with and married a beautiful person. It really didn’t matter to me that she happened to be a woman. What matters is that I love her and she loves me. Lindsay x
Event was fab, loved it, support from people was great!
Thought provoking – more please!
We love Folkestone Pride x Stevie and Michelle x
Sing if your glad to be gay – or paint, or poem – it’s great to see Kent painted in rainbow colours! Jo
Thought provoking – honest, open, love it!
What an enterprising artistic chap you are!
1976 went into a pub in Camberwell and realised I was not the only one.
People are all different – we just need to get on with it and enjoy life.
Interesting work.
Excellent exhibition, really exciting work, well done!
Excellent – time to self – thank you. Ruth
Still a long way to go for true equality!
Vibrant. Inspiring. Accesable. A great uplifting start to a sunny day. A stunning way to spread the message.
Wonderful! Really wonder-full!
My brother told his mum he was gay – she said he was a waste of 9 months and never spoke to him again. That was 20 years ago!
I love it. Random. Love the space, much bigger like this. JD
Some of it’s sad, some of it’s funny, love that Gary story!
Howler loves Vinnie x x x x x
My mum said I don’t mind just don’t turn into a raving queen!
A visual delight.
Art is crazy but nice.
So pleased this exhibition and these issues can be seen in Folkestone. Fab!
In my school, the word ‘gay’ was used to mean ‘bad’! My friend Richard got bullied so bad for it the school shut down Facebook. Rich is a touring professional actor and comedian now. I still see the boys who bullied him round clubs in my home town, trying and failing to pick up girls. How very gay they are.
All the colours make me happy.
I love your exhibition – it’s fantastic!
I came out and my mum told auntie Heather, “You owe me £50!”
Well done Vince, awesome!
Took my son till the age of 26yrs to come out… Now happy, happy, happy gay. What a waste of youth. Xxx
I always told my kids to be whoever they wanted to be. (I was secretly disappointed they were all straight!) Me, I’m not straight, more of a wavy line xxxxx Karen
Good stuff Vince!, Art and Politics – good bed fellows. Best – Pete.
Wow! Nick from Bournemouth xx
So colourful, well done! Sarah xx
I came out to my mum by wearing a t-shirt that said: “I like girls who like girls.” From An Anon Lesbian
My cousin took me for lunch to tell me something, she was so worried, I was the first. After a 3 hour lunch and her telling me I’d never guess, I asked her if there was a closet she would like to come out of – she said yes. I found it so sad that someone, never mind someone I love, could be so worried about who they are. Like I said to her – who cares, you are the same person you were yesterday and you will be the same person tomorrow. Your private life is just that – private. I love the exhibition – Sarah, Academy FM radio.
Loved it! Loved the idea. Loved the creativity. Loved the inspiration. Loved the words. Loved the eco. Too many ignorant people out there. We are all human. We are all the same. Not enough love out there. Loved it! Fantastic Knika-elastic! x