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Sophie Partridge with some 'spoilers' on Gail Sneddon and Claire Cunningham's 'Ménage à Trois'... / 9 September 2012

A photograph of a woman suspended horizontally on crutches wearing a black evening dress and feather boa.

Claire Cunningham explores new relationships in Ménage à Trois

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Begins with intermittent flashes of light. Claire (obviously). Claire with crutches (not exactly a surprise)!  Brilliant graphics.  She climbs like Alice up the furniture.  Her cupboard’s too full and things fall out... 

Words float across in an accessible stream as she DIY’s her Ideal Man; man with dog but no beard.  Could have heard a pin drop when she said “her ideal man would… not be disabled".

Will people comment: “She just wants a Normal Boyfriend! Is a `Sad Crip'?!”...  Deconstructing a fairy tale? Paper hats. Princess in a crutch adorned dress. Opera! Balletic movement. One wee bendy lassie sharing and baring for other bendies & Non. Real Artists can hack vulnerability. 

The Love Ache there amongst all other niggling, every day pains.  Superbly Human, exposing and daring. Honest. Loved it when she danced with ‘the bloke...’  Space changes, becomes Lived. Tears in the front row. Truly bold and beautiful… the essence of Unlimited. I come home and see more bendiness on my tv. 2012 I love you. Today...