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We want you for our Unlimited @ Southbank blog and gallery! / 22 August 2012

Tanya Raabe's painting of Nabil Shaban which is on display in The Festival of the World Museum in the Spirit Level, Royal Festival Hall.
Image: © Tanya Raabe

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As you can see from the blog description

"The Unlimited Festival blog engages with artists, producers and audience at one of the biggest exposures of Disability Arts ever to happen in London. Coinciding with the Paralympic games, the festival runs from 30 August – 9 September, 2012"

Unlimited @ Southbank is not only about the art but about the people. 

We are after short blog entries (or longer if you feel inspired) which record not so much reviews of the art but reflections on Unlimited, the festival and the atmosphere. Also, how the event as a whole or specific performances, pieces, exhibitions are making you reflect on your own life or perspective as a viewer of, or participant in, this work and disability arts more generally.

It's really open (vague!) as to what you could focus on; the most important thing is your voice and thoughts about the Unlimited Festival and where it sends you in your ideas.

We are also looking for immediacy. So if you fancy contributing, don't hang around. Bash out your thoughts and send your contirbution over!

Your contribution to the blog doesn't have to be in written form. If you'd rather record some audio or video on your phone and send that, we can put that up in the blog (with transcript or subtitles).

In addition, we are asking for photographs. We want to make our own gallery which will reflect the vibe of the festival. These images will be presented with (your) caption and a long description, which either you or we can write. (If you are not a user of a screen reader, you can get an idea of what a long description should be like here. Just click on the picture.)

The blog and gallery are really about you having your say. So whether you are directly involved in the festival in any way, one of the Unlimited artists, or an audience member, or an arts professional, keep our blog in the back of your mind as you enjoy the fun. And if anything leaps out at you, record what you thought for the blog or saw for the gallery and send it to us. 

You will of course have full credit and links to any websites.

To get your stuff to us, email Can you put either Blog or Gallery in the title? Thanks!

I'm really looking forward to being in touch with you and finding out what you think about it all.


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