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Viv Colvill from Freewheelers introduces Steep Rain @ Liberty / 23 August 2012

Steep Rain is a new digital artwork from Freewheelers, created by the Company. It is one of the results of three years' work on the Audacity project funded by the Arts Council which has enabled us to collect stories about disabled people's lives and interactions in society. 

Steep Rain explores experiences of disability choreographed imagery, animation, with a sound track of stories, set to music by Graham Dowdall, to create a visually stunning and powerful experience with a twist in the tail. The animations have been drawn by Freewheeler Rachel Mold.
We have never tried to produce a digital art-work like this before, and it has proved a challenge. The project is still evolving, and we want comments and ideas to help move it forward. Above all we would like to be able to reshoot some of the scenes in a professional studio, and the cast would love to have this experience. People who have seen the pilot version have been intrigued and moved. 

Steep Rain will be projected on the fly tower of the National Theatre on London's South Bank, screening several times on Saturday 1st September from 8.45pm up to 10.30pm as part of the Liberty showcase.

We would really like people to spend some time on the Bayliss Terrace of the National Theatre to see the film (it runs for 8 minutes) and talk to the company about it. There will be video camera's to record reactions, and people to write down audience thoughts (or stories!).
It's also the opening weekend of the paralympics, so the atmosphere is sure to be even more thrilling than usual! We hope to see you there!

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