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The Unlimited Festival blog engages with artists, producers and audience at one of the biggest exposures of Disability Arts ever to happen in London. Coinciding with the Paralympic games, the festival runs from 30 August – 9 September, 2012

Gary Thomas blogs about his first live Bobby Baker experience - Mad Gyms & Kitchens

5 September 2012


A woman in a white overall appears to be running on 5 legs.

I sit waiting in anticipation of seeing my first Bobby Baker Show. A sign led us to meet at the ticket office, the guide telling us they're expecting 50 people. We’re going on a 'story tour' of the Southbank Centre first, but I wonder if this is actually part of the show. My thoughts are unfounded as I overhear staff say 'the artist will take them down’. The tour wasn’t really a tour but a brief walk down to The Blue Room, via Bobby Bakers drawings that she...

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Deborah Caulfield's in-the-moment impression of the Unlimited dicussion 'Just Look What We Started'

2 September 2012


Loosely painted portrait of Nabil Shaban who set up Graeae Theatre Company

'Just Look What We Started' was the first in a series of discussions on disability, art. labels and life in the Royal Festival Hall. Jude Kelly, artistic director of the Southbank Centre, kicks off with a personal reflection on Unlimited, ‘a triumph for team work.’ She says it has been a joy to see that what has emerged is (with no apology for using this word, although she knows it has been criticised) an extraordinary body of work. I’m thinking: From...

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Chas de Swiet, Associate Producer of Liberty talks about his hopes for this years' showcase

29 August 2012


black and white portrait photo of chas de swiet

Liberty is an exciting project to be involved in and since being first commissioned by the Mayor of London ten years ago it has grown to become a significant event for the capital – as a showcase of deaf and disabled artists of course, but also as a great cultural event in and of itself. We are always pleasantly surprised to find how keen performers are to appear as part of the Liberty festival and we believe that this reflects the reputation that the festival has built up over the...

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Viv Colvill from Freewheelers introduces Steep Rain @ Liberty

23 August 2012


Steep Rain is a new digital artwork from Freewheelers, created by the Company. It is one of the results of three years' work on the Audacity project funded by the Arts Council which has enabled us to collect stories about disabled people's lives and interactions in society.  Steep Rain explores experiences of disability choreographed imagery, animation, with a sound track of stories, set to music by Graham Dowdall, to create a visually stunning and powerful experience...

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