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> > > Winston Churchill Fellowship is awarded to Artistic Director of Spare Tyre
photo of Arti Prashar sitting on a step with one hand in the air and the other resting on her knee holding a sheet of paper

Photo of Arti Prashar, Artistic Director of Spare Tyre Theatre Company

Ms Arti Prashar has been awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship 2013 in the Arts and Older People / Creative Ageing Category. 

Prashar’s research will explore themes such as embracing different beliefs and spirituality when working with older people in the arts, and how indigenous people are approaching these subjects during end of life care.

This research will take Prashar to Australia and the US in search of people and organisations whose practice focuses on these themes.

The findings from this fellowship will feed into Spare Tyre’s interactive and multisensory Once Upon a Time programme for people with advanced dementia, which reached over 500 participants and their care staff across the UK last year.

Prashar aims for this research to influence and change the culture of the care homes that Spare Tyre works with, as well as have a wider impact on the way society works creatively with older people.

Arti Prashar said, “Initially I am seeking inspiration from outside the arts world, focusing on the sciences and spirituality. I am looking for further insight into the world of dementia and developing new methods of communicating with people with advanced-dementia using the arts along with immersive technologies”.

Over the past 30 years of her career, Prashar has instinctively developed her theatre practice working with disenfranchised communities, unlocking worlds of the misunderstood or forgotten, a distinct mission shared by Spare Tyre.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in partnership with The Baring Foundation made this award under the Arts and Older People/Creative Ageing category. The fellowship enables individuals working in this field to travel overseas to identify stimulating and engaging programmes enabling older people to access, and benefit from high quality arts.

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