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Sophie Partridge has performed in several productions with Graeae Theatre Company, including the award-winning Peeling and Flower Girls. She has worked with David Glass Ensemble, Theatre Resource and Theatre Workshop. She has a French Canadian Mum, an 82 year-old Dad, two sisters, one brother, various uncles, aunts and cousins, great friends, good PAs and several virtual dogs. What more does a Girl need?!

Sophie Partridge on being 'bendy'

2 August 2013


photo of actress Sophie Partridge being crowned in an outside performance of Graeae's The Limbless Knight

Well I don't think it's controversial to say it's a tough time in Crip World right now! Surely there must be a disabled oracle somewhere that tells of the impending doom to be expected in 2015; DLA to become PIP, tax credits go `universal' and the Independent Living Fund closes... Now that, gentle reader, IS controversial. I've been involved (surprise surprise) in the campaign to halt the ILF's closure and cause a veritable government u-turn.  We've called the...

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