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> > > Sophie Partridge plans to get acclaimed production on the road in 2016

Song of Semmersuaq is a lyrical, solo piece written and performed with puppets by disabled artist, Sophie Partridge.

photo of Sophie Partridge looking from beneath the armpit of the large puppet Semmersauq

Sophie Partridge with the puppet Semmersauq

Semmersuaq is 7ft tall and the Chief’s daughter of a tribe who live in a world of snow. On Her Day, she meets a shorter stranger in her quest to marry and through this journey Semmersuaq is able to sing her own song. 

“It is a cold country; they have cold hearts” 

Based on an original short story by Sophie Partridge and a mythical innuit character, this tale uses puppetry, play and poetry to explore universal themes of gender, adulthood and difference. Both visually and audially rich, Song of Semmersuaq is a highly versatile piece of story-telling which is equally at home in non-traditional performance spaces as it is in theatres and is intended for all audiences and anyone, with a particular focus on those aged 10 years and over... 

Song of Semmersuaq began life at DaDaFest International in 2009 and progressed through a Graeae PlayLab. With support from Arts Council England, extracts were shared at The People Show Theatre, with Dramaturgy by leading disabled Artist Alex Bulmer. The show was then developed further with Half Moon Theatre’s Chris Elwell and the script workshopped with Frauka Franz – then Dramaturg at Polka Theatre. 

With further development support from Arts Council England and Hackney Empire the performance returned in full to DadaFest in November 2014. Song of Semmersuaq was shortlisted by Unlimited in 2015 and is being re-developed for touring with producer Adrian Turrell-Watts.

Support from Arts Council England is being sought for touring in Spring and Summer 2016. 

Sophie Partridge is a creative practitioner living in London, who trained with Graeae Theatre Co. She has worked extensively since her training, including her performance as Coral in the award winning Graeae play Peeling. Other stage performance includes work with the David Glass Ensemble, TIE in Nottingham, Theatre Resource in Essex and Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh. Her Media work also includes photo modelling, corporate video and radio. 

Adrian Turrell-Watts is a freelance producer and tour-booker and has been working in professional theatre since 2000. He began his career in administration and then started working in small-scale touring theatre for Rejects Revenge (2003-2008) and Spike Theatre (2008-2013). He has been a freelance producer, tour booker and marketer since 2008 working with companies across the UK including Homotopia, Little Soldier Productions, Lives of Others, Duck Egg, House of Suarez, Krazy Kat Theatre and Tmesis. 

He co-produced the mini festival of transgender performance with Mandy Romero at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel in 2011 and took over production on Cathy Crabb’s ‘The Bubbler’ for a tour of northern pubs in 2014. He is part of the team behind Dollman Disco, Liverpool’s sporadic party night. Adrian is currently General Manager for Fittings Multimedia Arts and continues to tour book, looking at ways to get theatre shown in non-traditional spaces affordably (with small budgets).
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