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David Bower of Signdance Collective blogs on the work and travels of a dynamic sign dance performance company

Rapid Intervention - a film by Mark Collins

21 September 2012


Black and white film poster of a young person's face behind the barrel of a gun

Set in a sleepy seaside community where nothing out of the ordinary happens, Chris Davidson is on a journey fraught with physical, mental and spiritual obstacles. His internal struggle with a diminishing faith is coming to a head as he strives to keep his life on track The larger than life fragments of our existence pieced together like an entwining kaleidoscopic playback of our lives magnified on a bigger screen. A gritty yet reflective film with elements of the supernatural, this dramatic...

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Stuck In The Middle With You and Lovin'It!

8 September 2012


Black and White photograph of a signer standing next to David Bower dressed in white shirt and braces

The Company was neither part of Unlimited or Liberty, but! What a Great summer for SDC! Our international tours with Ana Desetnica and The Lent Festival in Slovenia, with Salvia  and The British Council in Estonia, plus tours to The USA and Austria's Kulturwerkstaat were great! We were selected for SHOWTIME - The London 2012 Festival which covered both the Olympics and Paralympics. We were also lucky to work with TOGETHER! Fest in Newham so we were very much in the picture we...

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