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Signdance Collective International tour continues / 6 July 2011

Signdance Collectives directors have spent five fantastic days at the Ana Desetnica/111/) international festival in Slovenia, Ljbljana. We  are being mentored, coached, by its director Goro Osojnic as well as experiencing some of the best in international street theatre performance.

We saw groups from Spain, Barcelona, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Iran, Slovenia, Mexico, France, Czech Republic and Belgium! .

The artists are open and with wonderful communication skills. We are so so lucky to have become involved in the international scene! These street performers perform 50-70 times per annum.

They are similar to SDC in that respect, and in the professional street theatre arts world, it's completely acceptable to do that many gigs. We do about 30-40 so Signdance Theatre International are still small fish!

The Festivals abroad really look after the companies providing food, hospitality, accommodation and travel as well as a fee or 'good hat!' The performers at this years Ana Desetnica are  all ages. It is so inclusive, mainstream and open. The society in central Europe still thrives on some modicum of equality .

SDC will perform New Gold at the Festival next year, and hopefully at the European City of Culture in Maribor which is at the same time as the London Olympics. If you have a chance to visit Slovenia next summer, please do ! Its worth it, and get away from the madness!!! .

Now we are in beautiful Graz , Austria at the Street Theatre Fest - Tingle Tangle . This Festival has an in-house disability arts & culture company , they are generous , super well organized.  Kultuur Werk Staat is the organizing body, its director is Christian Jabornig .

We have been working at this festival since 2003 , collaborating , advising , training , performing & will be doing a three country E.U programme with them for 2012-2015. 

SDC will report on the Festival on this blog when we return to the U.K for the final of 'Driving Inspiration!!' performances at Stoke Mandeville School, managed by Vicky Hope-Walker with Bucks Council, Wycombe Council all's good! See y'all soon!

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