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SDC's International 'PITCH' A great success / 17 June 2011

Signdance Collective is in Greece/ performing, giving training workshops to actors and international sign-language interpreters, and in residency at several places across Greece.

We have had major successes in Thessalonikki, Athens and Siphnos island. Five performances in Thess, Three shows in Athens, three shows in Siphnos, one at the opening of the VSA Festival on the island tomorrow. And fab audiences and audience response. This matched our successes at the ETHOS Festival Ankara earlier in the year and  our performance in Amsterdam. The company will go to Austria - and Beirut, Cyprus, San Francisco are next...

In Greece, we are working with local actors, musicians, coordinators and with National organizations. Thank you Flora, it is a great opportunity for the company to extend its touring and everyone has treated us with love and respect.

We have performed a total of eleven shows this year in Greece, a residency in Thessalonikki, a training seminar at Your Space in Athens, a residency on Siphnos Island, CAMPAIGN! for 2012 Olympics from the North to South of Greece.

Every single step has been wonderful, and enriching for all involved.

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