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Signdance Theatre International SDC's Greek & Welsh& Turkish Tours / 29 April 2011

SDTI Arriving in Greece

All our feet near the water Thess Harbour

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March 30th untill April 4th -The Company (Signdance Theatre International / SDC)  was priviledged to participate at the Ankara Festival of Performance ETHOS / ETHICS . The Festival is  a regular mainstream event, but has the unique quality of having companies from Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran, and from the whole region. We were finally able to return after a five year absence, and it really did feel like a home-coming.

With great organization, full theatres, and SDC/ SDTI  receiving three standing ovations, we were very happy and to be frank... relieved to be at ETHOS, and away from the UK .

Jacob Casselden (fresh from his recent success at the Royal Court with Tribes) joins SDC with an extended version of the dance work 'HERE'. The piece also includes dynamic performer Laura Goulden.

These two young performers are the best we have seen in the 28 year history of  signdance theatre, and we are looking forward to including them on our forthcoming international tours. Jacob has a magical performance and dance quality, a three dimensionality that is missing from so many dancers and dance companies that we seem to see these days. Laura is a joy to work with and is fantastic on stage with a rare clarity, and beauty.

April 7-9: The next stop was the UK / Cardiff / Wales, and a new radio play directed by Polly Thomas for the BBC in-collaboration with Signdance Collective. The signed version will be on-line at the same time as the radio play in June. Once again Jacob Casseldene and Laura Goulden joined us for the recording, so look out for this on the BBC .

April 10-29 Last night we returned from an 18 day performance, film, and travel marathon in Greece. Nine Signdance Theatre Intenational dancers, actors, musicians, advisors started at the Thessaloniki School for the Deaf with a project  which were brilliantly supported by staff community and parents. We worked with some of the brightest and most talented young Deaf People in Europe. This was a great surprise and delight to Jacob who led the project.

It was such a contrast to the schools in the UK where discipline is so difficult and art so apparantly disregarded. At this school the teachers and everyone was constantly involved. The head teacher even picked us up from the airport. There is not enough room here to sing their praises!

And as SDC is a regular in Thessalonikii it wasnt as if they were trying to be 'nice to the foreigners!' thats just the way things are!

We completed five shows  in the city centre, and two at the school. We then set off of a massive film journey from Thessalonikki to Athens. This was part of CAMPAIGN! for ACCENTUATE and SDC, jointly funded by SDC and our international partners .

The film' MAD' is a snap shot of old and new Greece young people's opinions , the public's belief in their beautiful country , and our astonishment at other countries' prejudices towards Greece .

We saw a fantastically organized country with clean new roads, traditional and modern architecturecoming together seamlessly from village to village and city to city .

The hospitality and warmth of the people is something to emulate. We arrived in Athens exausted but ready to go. The reception at the YOUR STAGE Theatre group was great. We are collaborating with them and the Deaf Cultural Institute of Athens in June. See our web-site for details on the shows and training .

Finally we arrived on the island of Siphnos. After a four day beach break , we attended Easter Festival Celebrations and finished the filming for the new HERE', which premieres in June at the YOUR STAGE Theatre in Athens .

With many pages of reports to fill for Creative Junction and our Project MAD / CAMPAIGN we were pretty exausted ,.... happy to be home ????

We will see ! Today is a made -up bank holiday , I couldnt get to the bank ! Next Stop ..... Kent. 

Isolte @ SDTI

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