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El Grande Signdance 2011 Diario / 4 March 2011

Latest News  -During 2011 and 2012! SDTI will be  working on major projects in the USA (at  Urban Warrior  N.C with Proffesor Roger Braswell  and in San Francisco with dancer Antoine Hunter'Company UrbanJazzDance.Com  ) , the U.K,  Greece, (Deaf Cltural Development Centres) In Slovenia (With Primoz  Bayziac and Ana  Desetnica) Austria (with Kultuur WekStaat)

The Company has new performers a new base and exciting international projects . We are also working with U.K -based consultant Stephen Boyce who is helping us to shape the Company's new direction, funded by SYNC .

Below is a taste of what we are  up-to!
January 2011- July 14th 2011  For 35 days SDC is at Driving Inspiration  creating three amazing collaboration projects with young people across the South East in collaboration with Animator -David Bunting  and artist Christine Wilkinson. Driving Inspiration is a Creative Bucks / ACCENTUATE project  managed by Vicky Hope-Walker.

 February / March  development of New Work based on the companys award winning duet 'HERE'  the work will  include Deaf actor/ dancer Jacob Casselden ,actor /dancer Laura Goulden , David Bower , Isolte Avila 

February 19-26 Company Residence in Canary Islands @ Club Sirocco Hotel Lanzarote supported by the Rodriguez Foundation Puerto Rico
February 14- April 4th (throughout) 
Courses at Buckinghamshire New University Degree Course dance and Physical theatre at theatre department (with Pedro De Senna -course leader)
Project with Artist Zoe Partington Zollinger

+ Driving Inspiration Cultural Olympiad Projects at Cressex School and Bucks Primary  managed by Vicky Hope-Walker

March 9,10,11,15  David Bower recording a Doctor's episode for the BBC

March 9th Premiere
of Sport Dance & Our Right to Relationships ' reflection on Jean Luc Goddard 'Ma Femme Marree ' in -collaboration with  The Innovation Projects at AMI
March 18th Performance Amsterdam with Joke Menssink

March 19th  Performance High Wycombe with Jacob Casselden and Laura Goulde

March 23rd Premiere of 'Little Voices'  at the Welsh Assembly director  Chris McFall Producer Chris Colton

March 30th - April 3 ETHOS FESTIVAL Ankara Turkey

 April - July  2011 CAMPAIGN -An ACCENTUATE Campaign managed by Create Comprete Collaborate for the 2012 Olympics - Signdance Campaign  Project is directed and choreographed by Jacob Casselden with Film by David Bower with an international cast of Deaf and Disabled young people

April 7,8, 9 BBC Radio Project  ' Shall I Say A Kiss' ? director- Polly Thomas

April 10th -15th Thessalonikii  School Greece  -   / New Gold Shows +  Campaign !

April 16-20 Quartete Rehearsals Syphnos

May 3rd New Quartete Performance ,5,9,10 Pent Valley school Cultural Olympiad Project Driving Inspitration
May 11th Performance New Gold Pent Valley School Kent

12th&13th  Residency & performance of New Gold Health & Society Course at Bucks New University  Uxbridge Campus and Arts For Everyone Wycombe (New Arts Centre!)

May15 - June 5th USA Residency  ( U.K Project dates To Be Announced soon)
May -July 'The Dancing poet rehearsals with Monika Akili TBC

June  11th -15th  Greek Tour- Athens and Syphnos  'New Gold' & 'HERE'

July 6-9  performances  Graz Austria Tingle Tangle Fest  'New Gold'

June 16th -July 14th Driving Inspiration  Cressex School and Buckinghamshire primary  / New Gold plus further  development of New  work in Slovenia , and touring

June 30th & July 1 BBC Radio production with director Sue Roberts and writer Katy Hims

 July 16- August 16th  Urban Warrior SDTI in the  USA

 September Greek residency continues at Thessaloniki School  plus The Road Show /Between The Lines (U.K) Collaboration with musician Alex Ward

U.K performances with Monika Akili, Joke Menssink and Alex Ward- 'The Dancing Poet'

Residency Graz Austria development of new theatre Group TBC

November - December
USA / U.K 


Feb 5th Southhill Park



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