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David Bower stars in Little Voices - a new film by Post Graduate Students at Glamorgan University / Welsh Film Academy with Screen Wales. / 9 August 2010

production shot

Little Voices Production Shot. Photo © Claire Kern

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Little Voices is produced by Chris Colton, directed by Chris McFall, and co-stars Rebecca Hurst.

Producer Chris Colton sent David Bower the script for Little Voices after contacting him through Signdance Collective. His immediate impression was that it was unsentimental, uncompromising, and edgy, with a chunk of grit thrown in for good measure.

The film is the story of an isolated deaf man struggling to cope with the loss of his partner.

David Bower says: "To me it is a strong metaphorical description of the semantic divide between deaf and hearing people. It explores an interesting area of human perception and communication.

The inclusive postgraduate crew have worked closely with members of the deaf community and Signdance Collective, to produce the piece which will be released in February 2011.

Director Chris McFall says: "Having David on board has allowed us to consider other further options when preparing the film for its release, and we hope it will inspire younger deaf people to produce films for the future."

Signdance Collective are delighted to have involvement in the production of the film. It was a challanging, and an absolutely fantastic experience. "We are looking forward to being involved through post production and beyond."

David Bower and Signdance Collective's most recent media projects have been in the development of accessible radio plays with BBC Radio 4.

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