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Signdance Collective perform at Signcircle before doing their pilot New Gold at Bucks New University / 10 June 2010

photo of three street theatre performers

David, Laura, Isolte, Pedro perform. Photo © SDC

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The stop before the New Gold shows was 'SignCircle' the big Deaf gathering in North West England. Fab festival with Caroline Parker in action and some new wonderful Deaf performers skimming across the boards!

It had a huge attendance of more than 1,300 people made the events turn into real spectacles. And although the festival isn't massively funded, it has a great spirit, and is run beautifully.

Back at the SDC ranch BNU (Bucks New University) we performed our new street theatre / signdance show New Gold from 1-5 June 2010.

Inspired by the forthcoming 2012 Olympics, New Gold takes a fresh look at contemporary attitudes to competition and winning.

The pilot performances of piece were developed with international street theatre director: Goro Osojnik from the Ana Monro Theatre Company with music by Mark Holub from Led Bib.

Funded by ACCENTUATE, Create Compete Collaborate, Creative Campus Initiative, and Bucks New University. SDC's new show has a larger company, with some fresh young performers as well as us Oldie Goldies! And it is really a fun and great process .  
The show draws on Olympic stories from Paralympian rowing medalist, Naomi Riches. The history of Gold, script by Pedro DeSenna, importantly ;New Gold includes some well known characters who everyone will relate to . Design is by Christine Wilkingson.

We were nervous but excited to do such a straight piece of street theatre. Goro dramaturged the pilot show beautifully. We drew good numbers to the performance and the crowds responded well. We intentionally did not advertise the town shows  so we could see  the sort of reaction the piece would get from an unsuspecting audience! We were pleasantly surprised. It was great, and we are looking forward to the further development of the work.
"Saw New Gold last night ... absolutely fantastic. Great fun and brilliant music from 2 members of Led Bib plus great performances from David Bower and Isolte Avila. Will be going again on Saturday afternoon as aside from being a a great piece of theatre ... its free too. Could you ask for anything more."
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