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Signdance Collective's new base at Bucks New University / 17 January 2010

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Audience members hold palms together to make a BSL sign at Signdance performance. Photo © Rob Walker

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SDC has a new base...well, its first ever real base, at Bucks New UniversityHigh Wycombe!

Up until now the company/collective has existed virtually, without admin, storage, rehearsal or production space.

The new facilities are splendid, offer wonderful opportunities for Signdance Collective artists and collaborators to create music, dance, film and music. This new partnership will open up exciting possibilities and give us core support from university tutors and managers. We will now be able to drive exciting projects forward, including our international developments.

The BNU theatre department is led by dynamic Brazilian actor/dramaturge Pedro DeSenna and the project is managed by Ruth Gunstone.

On 31 January 2010 SDC will hold an open rehearsal at BNU's Studio Theatre and hold an open Q&A  for guests about SDC and our new projects. On show is work from artist Caroline Cardus and film-maker Gary Thomas.

Guests, students, company and BNU faculty will toast the new collaboration between Signdance Collective and the university.

The open day is on 31 January 2010 from 1 - 5pm and is a free event at Bucks New University, High Wycombe Campus, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 2JZ

SLI available

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Recent work

Now to let you know about some of Signdance Collective's work over the last couple of years.
We developed two touring productions; ‘But Beautiful’ was first, and we are presently touring ‘Dances For A Lost Traveller’. ('Extraordinary' - What's On Stage)
We delivered 'High Wyrrd', an international street performance and visual art showcase on the streets of High Wycombe in September 2008.

We received a major international award, the AMI Award, for our Arts Council England South East-funded  'Dances For A Lost Traveller' and the Art of Signdance 2009

We collaborated with the BBC on ‘Hunchback Of Notre Dame’, and are in the process of creating two new projects with the BBC.

Our work with Ornella D'Agostino on 'Dances for a Lost Traveller’ provided the opportunity for us to explore our fund of skills, experience, talent and integrity. Taking this next developmental step has given us access to a rich seam of content. It has provoked an important shift in the way we perform, create and disseminate work.  

This has provided us with a profound range of possibilities and inspiration. Whilst being informed by Deaf and disabled experience, we think the work has universal appeal.

The company is now coming into its dual inheritance of both pure dance and theatre.
Our collaborations have reached an exciting and profound level of managed and inspired risk. This means that we can form creative relationships with a range of partners, both arts and non-arts based.

The use of live musicians improvising in our performances is an example of the relationships that inspired us. Our work embraces different perspectives, common principles and shared control.

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