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Late Autumn Blog / 26 October 2008

David Bower and Isolte Avrila of Signdance Collective. Photo by Rob Walker

David Bower and Isolte Avrila of Signdance Collective. Photo by Rob Walker

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Greetings just got back from our holiday in Tunisia. First visit I hope of what will be many trips to Africa. Whilst we were there, we indulged ourselves in a little nightlife, boogie on down! We didnt do all that much travelling, it was just good to stay still for a change. You know like how if you stare at the road on a long journey, and you come to a stop, and everything still seems like its moving, thats what this break was like. The illusion of travelling, courtesy of Thomas Cook!. A bit of karaoke kitcsh, A sign song version of 'Walk on the Wild Side.' I think we would have done Caroline Parker proud!.

They want us to go back. Yes thats right, we have been asked to go back for the new year. We are going to do 'Three Films plus One', at the Miramor Hotel near Monastir on the coast of Tunisia. I can't wait to do the Thomas Cook sketch from 'Travelling', at this place. Its just soooo site specific!. Its what it's all about. In a land where Thomas Cook is king, the jesters at the court of bling! Nothing like a little unproductive labour, you know a chance to do our thing.

2008 has been about two things primarily, High Wyrrd and producing 'Three Films plus One'. You can check out both Colin Hambrook's and Tony Heaton's review, they can both give you an idea of High Wyrrd and how that went. We also premiered 'Three Films' at Holton Lee. Now the next step is to tour our new production, Tunisia probably represents the first venue of the tour proper. You know how it is, the most important step on a journey is the first step, after all if that step is'nt made there is no journey. Tunisia is a step south. We have been going from the east to the west, so far the south has been elusive.

It hasn't only been about these two things. There is for example the first ever thing we did with Graeae. Which is fantastic as I have never had the opportunity to work with them before. They did a translation of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' as part of a collaboration with BBC radio four, 'Classic Serials'. That will be aired at the end of this month and the beginning of December. Its a bit bizarre as I won't be able to hear it, as radio is'nt easy to lip-read. I will whack up the volume and check out the vibes but that not going to the same somehow. We also have a fantastic project coming up in Chelsea, on the streets, we are going to be treating the sloane rangers to a bit of R&R!. All this and some more should keep us well busy for some time to come. Meantime the weathers shaping up, looks like its going to be alright for some more street performances.