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Autumms Up ! SDC's Autumm Tour & Thanks / 29 August 2011

Tingle Tangle Festival Graz Austria HERE ' the new international quartete

David Laura Jacob & Isolte with Frognal HERE

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SDC and SDTI want to thank everyone that made SDC's summer so exciting and such smooth running!

It was an incredible season , so congratulations to the company , guests , and in-particular our supportive partners- ETHOS Festival Turkey, Driving Inspiration U.K, Accentuate, Thessalonikki School Greece , Your Stage Athens ,! Ana Desetnica , CAMPAIGN! ,Flora Swlavidu Expressive Body Training  Athens, Kulturwerkstatt Graz, Urban Warrior N.C, Wycombe Ats Centre and our fantastic base - Bucks New University !

 March- July There was proffesional touring in Greece : Siphnos , Thessaloniki , and Athens .Austria, Slovenia, Turkeyi the UK .

 In July The company won one of  the Los Angeles Film Awards with Ability Media , and have been asked to perform in Los Angeles and SanFrancisco in 2012!

 In August Pedro De Senna (Head of Theatre at Bucks Uni)  is writing an article about SDC in a theatre journal and gave several lectures about the company's work in Rio De Jaineiro

 The company undertook Education/training work with Driving Insp with wonderful results . The collaboration with animator David Bunting is now carrying through with our work at the BBC . More development took place at  Bucks New Uni, Plus international workshops at Thessaloniki Sch,  training  Your Stage Athens, and young people's work with CAMPAIGN!to be me with the company's new artists -Jacob Casselden and Laura Goulden.

All the performances and projects  have been very very well received , gaining international acclaim , standing ovations , praise from young people , and great reviews!
Thankyou for all your amazing work!

We recognize how commited everyone is to the work of SDC & SDTI and we are really excited about the future .  . Have a look at the Autumm!!!!!

SDC / SDTI Autumm 2011

August 30th- Sept 1-
  A Small Piece Of Silence 2' 

 Record BBC Radio 4 -director- Sue Roberts

September 2nd & 5th
Film Production with Gaming Shakespeare  new work   Bucks New University

Sept 7th- the Song of theSea Horse recording
 Bucks New University  

September 8th- BBCRadio 4 A Small Piece Of Silence Signed Piece Recording  -directed by Sue Roberts 
 Bucks New University

 September 10th  Deaf Plus Event  New Gold & HERE    
performances are - HERE ' 2:00 pm  New Gold 3:00pm
- Deafinitely Theatre Company will also be there!

 Highgate Newtown, Community Centre, London, N19 5DQ

Sept 12-16th Diablo Arts Resd U.K
October 1st -National Deaf Children's Society Signdance day at Wycombe Arts Centre and performance of 'HERE'  
Performance of children's work
(at end of day) - 10:00am-5:00pm Wycombe Arts CentreDesborough Road

October 3- Signdance Theatre International /SDC Steering Group meeting venue tbc 

 October 24-28- Physical Theatre Course   Bucks New Uni   SDC   Bucks New Uni

 October 29th- performance of CAMPAIGNTo Be Me! & HERE    7:00 show Wycombe Arts Centre  Desborough Road

 October 31-4th Nov Bucks New Uni movement course for actors  David & Isolte Bucks Nu Uni
November 15th -Imperial College Of Medicine lecture and demonstration performance Listen & Here (duet) Imperial College of Medicine, London

November 26th - Dec 5th  -Beirut ,Lebanon ed, resd & tour  of New Gold & HERE performances are Dec1-4  Beirut Lebanon Several

December 6th - BBC National Diversity Awards details of event & people TBC National TV event

December 8th -Jan 23rd USA Urban Warrior Dojo N.C  Maryland Rep Theatre with actor  Dexter Hamlet

January 23-Feb 29th Bucks New Uni Courses  Bucks New Uni

Feb 5th- HERE 
South Hill Park Bracknell U.K


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