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David Bower of Signdance Collective blogs on the work and travels of a dynamic sign dance performance company

David Bower from SDC recalls Lou Reed

29 October 2013


black and white portrait photo of Lou Reed in his prime

Lou Reeds music, art and his words, have always been a big part of my life. His work basically forms one of the big themes that have coloured my days. My memories both good times and bad have somehow never been all that far away from the energy and sentiment of Velvet Underground etc. Even though I know that his music lives on in all the influences that he had on other artists somehow the world will be just a little less cool without him. Thank you for your art and thank you for helping me...

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CARTHAGE By Caridad Svich/ SDC's New International Collaboration GRAZ EDITION

4 October 2013


After  Signdance Collective's second USA tour in 2013. to the West Coast...... The company reunited in Austria and met with director Beatriz Cabur to work on ‘Carthage’ new play written by playwright Caridad Svich. First things First. We made the space we were to work in for the next four days ready. Earth, gravel, dust Sitting above the ‘Fish & Gigs’ restaurant in Ligist, is a large abandoned room, remnants of gym equipment scattered everywhere: benches,...

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