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David Bower of Signdance Collective blogs on the work and travels of a dynamic sign dance performance company

Signdance Collective report on their summer touring program to Holland and Slovenia

16 June 2010


photot of three street theatre performers

At the moment we are at the Oeral Festival in Holland Freisland. We are staying on a big barge for the 10 days of the Festival, and have been invited by Captain Aad Van Ploeg to do small sign-theatre street interventions/ invisible theatre. It is the most innaccesible Festival ever! The buses have signs saying "Please give your seat to an INVALID if he or she needs it." We are finding it difficult to get from venue to venue, with buses only every two hours and no electric bicycles, buggies or...

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Signdance Collective perform at Signcircle before doing their pilot New Gold at Bucks New University

10 June 2010


photo of three street theatre performers

The stop before the New Gold shows was 'SignCircle' the big Deaf gathering in North West England. Fab festival with Caroline Parker in action and some new wonderful Deaf performers skimming across the boards! It had a huge attendance of more than 1,300 people made the events turn into real spectacles. And although the festival isn't massively funded, it has a great spirit, and is run beautifully. Back at the SDC ranch BNU (Bucks New University) we performed our new street theatre / signdance...

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