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David Bower of Signdance Collective blogs on the work and travels of a dynamic sign dance performance company

Part two of David Bower's account of Signdance's work in India 2009 part two

28 February 2009


On reading the Hindu Times, one article seeks to illustrate the different ways people have of describing India. In so many words, one school tries to categorise India as having "a beginning, a middle and a full stop". It basically tries to pigeon-hole India: the writer goes on to say that it is ludicrous to attempt or even want to do this. In my layman's opinion, I couldn’t agree more. To me India is infinite, and the matrices multi-prismatic; all of life is here, the trials, the...

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David Bower gives an evocative account of Signdance's trip to India in India 2009

10 February 2009


The tired hot sun rose wearily over the horizon, as we meandered our way from the airport down recently well heeled motorways into Bangalore. Pass the night time fires. Mingling into the dawn rush hour traffic of wagons, carts, tripod taxis and cars, all ducking and weaving like Shiva's dance of life. Shushing into ever the increasing quietude, pass carnivalesque' Krishna temples, Bangalore receded into the east as we rose up into the Deccan hills through ancient villages, exuding an ineffable...

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