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> > > News: Video artwork by Chris Tally Evans has been selected for VSA in Washington DC

A short piece of video art depicting one year of life on a reach of the River Wye is among the artwork to be exhibited in Washington DC, USA this June

black and white poster image of the faces of two men

'Flow' forms part of 'Tales of First and Second Sight' by Chris Tally Evans

Flow is one of two works by Rhayader based artist and broadcaster Chris Tally Evans to be selected for Shift, VSA’s prestigious exhibition currently running at the Kennedy Center, Washington.

The exhibition features 17 artists selected by an international panel of jurors from a shortlist of over 300. Chris is one of only two British artists selected and the only person from Wales.

VSA is America’s largest arts and disability organisation and its exhibition, in the heart of the American capital, just blocks from The White House, is one of the most celebrated events in the international disability arts calendar.

Two of Chris’s video works have been selected for Shift which deals with events that changed people’s lives. First and Second Sight tells the stories of his father and mother, ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives and how the DNA they shared came to shape their son Christopher’s future.

The second, Flow, is a testimony to a year spent living on one reach of the River Wye as it flows through Rhayader. Seen through the unique eyes of someone with an extremely rare congenital visual impairment, Flow charts the changing seasons, the wildlife and characters of the river through the words of Chris himself and other Rhayader locals.

Speaking just before he caught the plane for Washington Chris said, “Obviously I’m very excited that my work has achieved such international recognition and that it will be seen by many people in such an important venue. However, I’m equally pleased that one of the works chosen was Flow as it will enable Americans to connect with the beauty, folklore, wit and wisdom of the wilds of Mid Wales.”

The two pieces form part of Tales of First and Second Sight, a collection of live and digital stories that reveal different facets of the storyteller, his family and culture, Welsh identity, folklore, disability and humour. Tales of First and Second Sight was the result of a Major Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales given to Chris in 2009.

So far it has been performed in Wales, venues in British Columbia, Canada and pieces have been broadcast on the BBC and on Live Sites throughout the UK. In October, thanks to funding from Wales Arts International Chris will be taking the work to Auckland, New Zealand to perform and facilitate workshops as part of the InterACT Arts Festival. Shift runs at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC, USA from 3-30 June 2011.

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