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Day Seven / 26 November 2012

The sun was hitting ninety degrees. Fred reminded me I would need at least two bottles of water to keep hydrated. So with shorts,t-shirts and sandals we hit the road again.

Within a few minutes I knew the day was going to be different. Ok, maybe he should have told me we were going into the desert. Maybe I wouldn't have been as nervous about the rattle snakes and the one scorpion we saw scuttling past us in the midday sun.

But my  hands were now feeling like they were going to burst into flames. My lips were as dry as dry could be. Yet I wouldn't have missed the experience. Everything about it was breathtaking.

Okay, me and the desert didn't really hit it off, but it was our first meeting. Maybe next time? Trouble is there are no deserts in Wigan to practise and that could be the problem?