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Leaving Kansas City / 21 October 2012

a photo of two american wagons

Two American wagons line up ready to transform into Autobots

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Day 6 of the tour of my launch of 'Listening to the Dark' across the US. There is something strange about leaving Kansas City. It's a bit like feeling you have lost something, but you don't know what? There is more to the place than meets the eye and I definitely had a feeling that I was missing out on whatever was hiding there. Whatever it was I would catch it on my return from New Mexico about one thousand miles south of  this wonderful city.

Everywhere I looked in and around Kansas City there seemed to be wagons/ trucks the spitting image of the 'Autobot Transformers' - like they were somehow on the prowl for Decepticons?

Our last visit was to see the Kansas desert. The sun was hitting 90 degrees maybe more. I was still in my open-toed, hippie sandles and was enjoying the moment even though the extreme heat made me feel as though the back of my hands were going to burst into flames. It was about then that I saw my first ever scorpion scurrying past me and Professor Whitehead, who then warned me about rattle snakes. Man I was out of there. I do most things except snakes and anything that even vaguely looks like a scorpion.

Back on the road and we were heading south. Our first stop was Greensburg, Kansas which had almost been wiped off the map after a tornado hit it in 2007, killing eleven people. Now, I don't know if this was just coincidence or not, but there were two wagons (Autobots) near the entrance to Greensburg that were  standing next to each other like they were somehow on guard?

Next stop major stop Texas: eeehaaaa!