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Mad Fish and Epilepsy / 15 October 2012

Photo of the workers in Mad Jacks fish bar

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Day 5 of the tour of my launch of 'Listening to the Dark' across the US. Eight in the evening of my second night and hungry, so Fred took me down to Mad Jacks fish place. He promised it was the best fish place in the universe. I had never eaten 'pike' especially coated in corn flour. My dear lord it was amazing. So too was the whole experience of the fish shop itself.  With  permission I took their photo'.  I even got a kiss from one of the workers who had deep fried my pike.

Usually around four in the morning is when my epilepsy' rattles me awake - so each night I had to remember to cover the mattress with my waterproof sheet, which I  took off every morning, to stuff  in my rucksack and replace nightly; a real pain, but, after all the  family had done for me I couldn't take the risk of my seizure wetting their bed. My medication was in boxes marked for each day and night. I hadn't to miss them.

Insurance to cover both my epilepsy (including multiple seizures) and osteoporosis to the U.S cost  £120 cover for £10 million lasting twelve months.

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