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Surreal: of course! What else is there? / 12 October 2012

photo of lifesize cardboard cut-out of artist outside his house

Outside Thomas Hart Bentons house

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Fred and Me hit an early morning road on our tour of my launch of 'Listening to the Dark' across the US. There are things to do and things to see like the work of Thomas Hart Benton, regional artist, whose work is breathtaking.

Late summer was hanging on to the heat as much as possible before giving up the fight to autumn. First stop Benton's house; brilliant, especially when the man himself who had died thirty odd years before was waiting to greet us. Surreal was just beginning...

Nelson-Akins Museum of Art was another step into surreal where thirty 'standing figures' (Magdalena Abakanowicz, Polish, b.1930 1994-1998) greeted us. Then for  three hours and gob wide open, my eyes took me on a magical journey such as they had never seen before.

Late afternoon: my first reading in the University of Missouri, Kansas City with an audience of about twenty including a young artist: Trent Coffin with a Tourette's impairment. Trent who later congratulated me on my reading and like everyone else; bought my book and went on to inform me of his art, his exhibitions, his ambitions.

And then on to the Jones Gallery in downtown  Kansas City. The owner of this independent gallery had already exhibited Trent's work
He described him as "Brilliant with a great future!" The gallery has full access.