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Expedition: Launching 'Listening to the Dark' in Albuquerque / 14 September 2012

black and white photo of the poet as a young lad, being held by his mother

Cover image for Listening to the Dark, published by Penniless Press

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America, for most never happens. Free-Thinking founder, Fred Whitehead was making it happen for me thanks to: Disability Arts Online, my Royal Literary Funding grant and James Morrison's:  "Accidental Poet" Guardian: 17th December 2008.

September 18th 2012: I am about to launch my sixth poetry collection: Listening To The Dark (Penniless Press) in Albuquerque via Kansas City.

Professor Fred Whitehead (retired) University of Missouri has a keen interest in what he calls proletarian writers. He wanted me to launch my book with other proletarians at the lit festival in Albuquerque and take me on tour. We are to travel together for the best part of 2000 miles.

6.45am: Rucksack  the size of a parachute was packed: I was every half inch the paratrooper but i was ready for my expedition and yes travelling such long distance on my own was a real first for me, my wife and my epilepsy.

So with best foot forward and thoughts of a chance meeting with  Dorothy, the Tin-man, not forgetting Scarecrow and Lion. I kissed my wife and with nerves of plastic I walked with a cautious hurry to the waiting taxi.

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