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> > > News: Mind the Gap’s chickens fly the coop to feature at Summer festivals
photo of actors dressed as chickens crossing a road

Mind the Gap Theatre Company

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Which came first the chicken or the egg?  Mind the Gap’s talented cast of learning disabled professional performers hatched a plan to answer these and other less poultry questions in their new street theatre piece, ‘Chicken Coup!’ which toured festivals during the summer of 2011

The family-friendly piece features three giant chickens outwitting a larger-than-life, wannabe celebrity chef who chases them around the festival space. In-between making sure they don’t end up as the ‘Chef’s Special’ they launch into hilarious sketches that entertain festival goers of all ages.

Other sketches included Chicken Lake, where they attempted their own clucking, flapping version of the famous ballet Swan Lake, and Crossing the Road… complete with ‘Why?’ sign.

The performers also posed for photographs with the audience, who could log on to their facebook page and tag themselves in photos, or upload their own pictures and keep up with all the news, straight from the roost.

Mind the Gap is one of the UK’s leading disability related theatre companies; it creates high-quality work addressing learning disabled and non-disabled artists as equals.  The early part of 2011 saw their award-winning adaption of John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice & Men’ – their most successful tour to date with a total of 50 shows, mostly to sold-out audiences.

The talking point of 2010’s Bradford Mela Festival, the Chicken Coup returned by popular request in June 2011. You could also have caught this eggs-traordinary piece on tour during 2011 at the Culture Shock Festival, Harrogate, the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, the Unity Festival, Cardiff, the Halifax Festival and the Saltaire Festival.

You can enter their virtual festival environment, where you can see images and film clips of the chickens and the chef in action, by clicking here.