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> > > Johnny Crescendo's Piss on Pity Complete available on digital media

The complete library of songs from one of the strongest voices for Disability Rights in both spoken word and music, has released all his works through iTunes and CD Baby

photo of Johnny Crecendo holding his hand on his hat and wearing a Piss on Pity t-shirt

Johnny Crescendo's Piss on Pity Complete

Johnny Crescendo is one of the most important disability artists from the first wave of the Disability Arts Movement.’ Johnny Crescendo Piss on Pity Complete,’ is a journey through the Disability Rights Movement and thinking since the mid-1980s to the present day.

Johnny Crescendo is an icon of the Disability Rights movement as founder of the Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN) which demonstrated for accessible transport on the streets of cities up and down the country.

For several decades Johnny Crescendo has been at the heart of civil rights protests against the everyday discrimination faced by disabled people in institutions and on the streets.

Johnny's repertoire of disability-themed songs include ballads about people trapped in institutions, satires of the charity mentality and proud anthems of empowerment. 

Songs on the album include anthems like Choices and Rights, Tear Down The Walls and Pride as well as other songs not available for over 20 years such as British Grenadiers, Bolt From the Blue, Movin’ On and Working under Shelter.

To coincide with a launch of his music Johnny plans to tour the world next year on the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Places already in the diary are Cambridge UK, Washington DC, and Philadelphia PA.

As well as his music Johnny will tell the story of the Disability Movement from the inside and give his experience of Disability Arts, Community Organisation, Pride, History, Philosophy and the future.

To download the album please visit iTunes, or CD Baby. For more details you can contact Johnny Crescendo aka Alan Holdsworth via Facebook