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Hugh writes about a trip to the Royal Pavilion, the swimming baths and the theatre / 25 February 2013

Today I am off on a Spiral outing to the Royal Pavilion which has been organised by Chris Page. First I go to the hotel that's near the library and have my breakfast. Kim comes to ind me to take me over to the Royal Pavilion. We go for a ride in the Spiral's minibus to pick people up to come on the outing.

I enjoyed myself at the Royal Pavilion today with Spiral. My favourite room was the kitchen. We had lunch outside in the Royal Pavilion Gardens and listened to a busker playing some music on his guitar. Inside the Pavilion gift shop I bought myself a DVD for £20.

Then I went swimming in the Prince Regent Swimming Pool where I saw Charlotte and Jane in the reception. I told them that I went on a Spiral outing to the Royal Pavilion.

After we got out of the water I had a shower, got ready and got myself a Costa coffee from the coffee machine. Then we went to Pizza Express to have pizza and garlic bread with salad.

After my swim I chilled out and watch dmy DVD about the Royal Pavilion at home. Then I watched the Weakest LInk with Anne Robinson. I got one answer right about a film called Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts.

Later I went to the Brighton Centre to see Holiday on Ice with my friend Hala. We met outside St Paul's Church. We paid £20 for two tickets and went upstairs to Floor 3 in the lift. Then Hala and I went back home from the Brighton Centre by going back down in the lift to the exit.