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Hugh writes about his holiday to Benidorm in August / 6 September 2012

But now I am off to the Buddhist centre to do my relaxation where I put my mat down on the floor. I like relaxing, listening to calming music that’s called 'Piano by the Sea'. It makes me dream about me being on the beach in Eastbourne or Littlehampton.

Here I am off to Benidorm for 2 weeks to stay in a hotel that’s called Benilux. The weather will be very hot and sunny every day in Benidorm.

Whilst in Brighton station ready to catch the train to Gatwick Airport, I bought myself 'Runaway Bride' for £10 on DVD. I caught the plane to Benidorm with Thompson Holidays. I got a taxi from the airport to the hotel to enjoy my two weeks holiday in the sun!

I visited the Benidorm Cathedral and lit some candles for Tom Duncan and picked up some leaflets about the building. Then I went in the cathedral coffee shop to have a black coffee. I went shopping for postcards and presents. I picked a postcard with a picture of the cathedral for Michelle and a picture of he mountains for Gill. The I went back to the hotel to relax and watch the Weakest Link with Anne Robinson. After dinner I went swimming in the outdoor swimming pool to cool off from the hot sunshine. Then I went off to the bar to get myself a glass of Spanish white wine.

Back in the hotel I get ready for bed and dreamt about Julia Roberts going to eastbourne by train to see Sleeping Beauty in the theatre. I am ready to go out today to Benidorm Museum to learn and understand the history of the city from a gentleman talking through a speaker.

It was interesting to understand how many years ago that Benidorm was built. I went through to the gift shop to buy myself a CD & a DVD that tells me stories about the town. Back at the hotel I go straight to the outdoor swimming pool to enjoy swimming as the weather is hot!

After 2 weeks I am very happy to go fly back home from Benidorm with British Airways. I have enjoyed my holiday in benidorm staying in the hotel that’s by the outdoor swimming pool to

Going back to relax inside the Buddhist centre where I see Becky and tell her that I have enjoyed my holiday in Benidorm staying in the hotel.