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Bits and pieces about Grace Eyre by Elaine / 28 October 2012

Grace Eyre Woodhead started the Guardianship society in 1913. 
In 1914  a day  centre was  opened offering Industrial training
In 1950: The Guardianship  society moved  to  Avondale Road 
And in 1988  the  Guardianship society changed its name to The Grace Eyre Foundation

I have been coming here for many years. It’s a good  place to be.
I like singing and dancing in the theatre. 
We used  to have a room we used for dancing but now we have a theatre! It was refurbished this year in 2012. It is called the Purple Playhouse.  

I sung a song on the stage. It was nice song I sung.
I plan to sing on the stage again this Christmas.
I am going to dress up. I have got a nice maroon dress.