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Betty Todman, Susan Street, Kier Dean and James Grantham talk to Peter Cutts about the Rockets visual arts group / 6 August 2012

1) How many years have you been you Rockets?
A long time I don’t know how many years.

2) How do you get to Rockets?
By minibus.

3) What do you like to do at rockets?
Drawing is my favourite.

4) Have you been to the exhibition in London?
No I haven’t been to the exhibition in London.

5) Do you have any pictures at the gallery in Brighton?
Yes I have lots of pictures in the gallery in Brighton.

6) Have you sold any Art?
Yes I sold some at the festival – Open House in May.

7) Have you been to the rocket workshop?
Yes I have been to the rocket workshop.

8) Do you have any favourite pictures?
No favourite pictures – I just like them all.

9) How many days do you go to rockets?
One day a week - Wednesdays now.

10) Do you have fun at Rockets?
Yes I have fun.

11) What do you use?
I use oil paints and water paints.

12) Do you have any breaks at Rockets?
I have three breaks in the day.

13) What time do you go and return from Rockets?
I go at 10am and return at 3.

14) Are you proud of your art?
Yes I am proud of my art.

15) Do you go to the snack bar?
Yes I go to the snack bar.

16) Is Rockets big or small?
The Rockets is very big.

17) What do you like to use when you’re drawing?
I use canvas for my drawing.

18) Do you wear any protective clothing?
I wear an overall.

19) Is it peaceful at Rockets?
It is very peaceful at Rockets.

20) Do you show your work to each other?
Yes we show each other our work.

21) How many people go to Rockets?
There are at least 20 people who go to Rockets.