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Jonny Schachter writes about his interest in boxing legend Muhammad Ali / 6 August 2012

When I was 8 years old, our family  moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Previously, we lived in London, England.

We went to Canada in 1965. We came by boat and I still remember the trip. When we moved to Edmonton, my  brother and sister lived with us but moved out about three years later. Eric and Marion are ten years older than me.

So I lived with mum and dad for thirteen years  which sort of made me an only child. I miss my life in Edmonton and my old high school called Strathcona Composite High.

I miss growing up with mum and dad and especially my father. He was my best friend!

In the academic year of 1970, Dad was on sabbatical leave so we lived in California for a year. This is important because it was the year that Muhummad Ali returned to the boxing ring after a three and a half year layoff. I was very upset when Ali lost to Joe Frazier for the title and this made me obsessed with Muhummad Ali. In 1974,

I was the happiest person in the world because Ali beat George Foreman for the title. It is a myth that California is a very liberal state. When we lived there, most were strict and very conservative. After our stay in California, we went back to Edmonton and I lived there for nine years and then in 1980, I moved to Toronto, Ontario.
But this is a story in itself.