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Colin Hambrook gets inspired by film-maker Jean Cocteau / 6 July 2010

I've been thinking of posting some of my poetry for some time now. Poetry is one of those things I do to keep going when life gets tough.

I love Jean Cocteau's 1949 retelling of the story of Orpheus. I was born in the underworld. So-called schizophrenia came knocking on the door when I was still in the womb.

Going through mirrors, down holes, into the labyrinth, is something I'm overly familiar with. It's defined who I am. It seems to me that Jean Cocteau understood something about being 'outside.' This clip from Orphée, sums up some of that feeling.

(with homage to Jean Cocteau’s ‘Orphée’ - La traversée du Miroir)

At birth, Orpheus
was lurking
landing outside
the parentai bedroom.
The jewels he offered,
gloves that shlurped
backwards, bedazzling…
enough reward
to warrant
a lifetime in Hades.

Watching from the outside -
it is enough to incite
laughter; endure war;
believe the smile of the
pin-stripe; walk on water,
and move through
liquid glass -
silica turned to h2o.

We are a family
of miracles,
Orpheus smiles
and we follow;
it's in our genes
gin and so-called


Dolly Sen

8 July 2010

Love it, the other side of the mirror has brought me to meet people like you, the nightmare can have beautiful stars in it, like my fellow 'mad' artists, who paint, write from the underworld behind the skin and sensitive heart.

Sophie P.

9 July 2010

Beautiful :-)

vince laws

9 July 2010

lovely! creativity and madness eh - can you have one without the other? This is what you did to my head....

peter street - poet

9 July 2010

Hi Colin

we all need a bit of self indulgence now and again - literature cannot be thought of without thinking of Jean Cocteau who once said : " If a poet has a dream, it's not of being famous, But of being believed"

I believed your poem

peter street - poet

isolte avila

10 July 2010



10 July 2010

Wow Mr H. Yet more talent emerges. What a beautiful poem.

Hilary Porter

10 July 2010

Love the poem - haven't heard any of yours for ages. I'm not familiar with the film, but it's a piece of art!

sarah p

11 July 2010

Colin I read this several times to get as far into it as I could - what a reward awaited - more please

joe kelly

11 July 2010

I enjoyed this blog. I thought the film clip very interesting. I thought the poetry was good. I think the concept was very surreal. I think everyones imagination works differently. I think we have to recognise the things that feed our imagination and make the most of them.

I was interested in the world behind the mirror and what might be there.

Rock on Colin

Maureen Oliver

14 July 2010

Messages from the other side of the looking glass. A poignant, thrilling and beautiful poem and a wonderfully surreal piece of film. Thank you.