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Auckland here I am ... just about / 24 February 2009

I am writing from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm lucky enough to have been invited out here for a shortened version of Momentum09 - set up and run by Philip Patston of diversityworks. It's been great meeting some of the disabled artists in the disability arts movement here and finding out about how the movement is working out here. The pace of life is so much slower and more relaxed, it seems ...

I've met up with Pauline Alexander from the UK and we had a wonderful meeting with Tim Turner yesterday over in Devonport - a ferry ride from downtown Auckland. He is a very generous disabled guy whose life was turned around after a chance meeting with a disabled dog called Boiski. He is a sculptor and jewellery-maker as well as a dancer with Touch Compass who I have it on good authority are one of the best integrated dance companies in the world. Tim got the opportunity to set up an exhibition called Turning Mobility on the proviso that he and Boiski perform with Touch Compass. Subsequently they became media icons - a one-legged man with his 3-legged dog!

Getting remote contact hasn't been the easiest, but I will continue to try blogging as I move around and meet more of the people making things happen.