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The Press continues to pick up on the BAFTA fiasco / 17 February 2008

It seems that the Guardian (Friday 15 February) has taken up our cause by publishing a very erudite piece by Mat Fraser championing disability film - ie film made by disabled people about disability. He cuts to the chase explaining exactly why we are fed up with Hollywood's persistent patronising, demeaning and sickly portrayals of disability. Mat lists some of his pet hates. Top of my list has to be 'A Beautiful Mind' starring Russell Crowe as a schizophrenic who has clearly watched 'Rainman' so many times that he actually believes himself to be Dustin Hoffman.

X'O8 opened at BFI last Thursday with a romantic comedy called 'Special People.' Ironically, 'Special People' - had it been the film chosen by LDAF to be viewed at the BAFTA event in question - would have been very unlikely to turn any heads or make anyone feel uncomfortable. It wasn't a bad film, but 'Stranger Hero' a short made by Shoot Your Mouth Off was far more exciting, funnier plus Ged Watts packing a punch is pretty unforgettable.

It was great to see the National Film Theatre packed with disabled people. The festival deserves all the support it can get after all the years of hard work and sacrifice to keep it going. This cannot be the last time it happens. I'm looking forward to Allan Sutherland's review of the event to be published on dao shortly.

The London disability film festival runs until Sunday at the BFI Southbank, London SE1. Box office: 020 7928 3232