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Dao 2015 Reader Survey / 9 June 2015

 We are looking for responses to our 2015 Reader Survey to get Your valuable feedback is absolutely vital for future development of the organisations and to help us to secure funding for future projects. 

This year we are doing something a bit different. The questionnaire is completely anonymous because we want to gauge the temperature of feeling towards some of the major disability related arts programmes. We're also really excited to hear your thoughts on how we can improve Dao's website.

We want to gauge the temperature of how you see Dao and how you feel it is best placed to support the artistic endeavours of the disability arts sector.

We’ve asked for your impressions of what it is that Dao does and what content and style changes could be made that would improve your experience of the website?

We are also asking you to let us know what sort of partnerships we could make that would be invaluable for you to develop a career in the arts.

Dao is more than a website. In recent years we have given various talks at events and festivals, run poetry events and supported commissions to make new work. We also collaborate with other arts organisations and provide some consultancy for arts organisations as well as helping to promote festivals through media partnerships.

We connect people to artists and organisations; work with artists to develop and promote their projects, including named in kind support on funding bids, create volunteering opportunities and give informal mentoring through artists blogging. We have also run arts writing training programmes in the past.

We are not sure how aware people are of the range and extent of the work that our small team of people is engaged in or of what readers think generally of the work that we do. 

It would assist us greatly if you can spare 15 minutes or so of your time to complete the Survey Monkey, which you can find by clicking here.


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