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From the archive: Gini visits the Sky Tree in Tokyo / 21 May 2014

I’ve been going through Dao’s archive in the last few editorials. My intention is to continue highlighting a few favourite articles from a decade of Dao.

In last weeks newsletter I asked what pieces of content you, dear Dao reader would like me to highlight?

Richard Downes came back with a comment expressing how much he enjoyed Gini's exploration of Japan and technology, during her trip to Tokyo in September 2013.

He says: “I liked the way she presented her diary and composed poetry on a daily basis and I liked the way she presented the work with prose explanations. I hadn't seen that before and the style appealed to me. It was wonderful that inspiration seemed to come to her so easily.”

If you go back into Gini’s entries during her trip to Japan her love for the culture comes through her writing, as in this blog poem referring to the Sky Tree in Tokyo during a visit on 23 September 2013.

The charm and despair confuse me.
The longing to be close, just close
to the people who hold my heart
would anchor me, yet the distance
will always seek me out, draw me away,
break me apart in conflict of needing.
I whisper names, recall voices, dream
of other skin; the lure of distance
paused while I dream of forever.
Bask in the momentary embrace of love.

Gini’s seemingly effortless writing has been an inspiration for me, also in seeking to shape the kinds of content that Dao encourages.

I loved the diary entries; Gini’s unique voice taking you into her world and completing the experience with a poem encapsulating something ‘extra’, something revealing in a subtle and evocative way. 

Since then I’ve made a point of encouraging and supporting more poetry blogs on Dao. Some are loud and proud; some are earthy and some, like Gini’s have a quieter more essential quality.

Click on this link and have a read of Gini's blog and you’ll see what I mean.

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