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Colin Hambrook attends Simon Raven's 'Ghost Writer Party' / 1 November 2012

a young woman dressed in a black and white dress tentatively plucks a cheese on a stick from the head of a figure dressed completely in tin foil

Cheese on sticks were served in a novel form by waiters at Simon Raven's 'Ghost Writer Party'

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I wanted to write a quick update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. On 31 October Simon Raven produced a vibrant event at the Camden Arts Centre to celebrate the ending of his residency there as part of his Adam Reynolds Bursary awarded by Shape.

There was inevitably a Halloween theme to Simon’s ‘Ghost Writer Party’. People were dressed suitably as Dorian Grey, Edgar Allan Poe and there were several Miss Havisham’s knocking around.

Simon did a performance which involved washing bones that he’d found whilst mudlarking on the banks of the Thames to the tune of wild, dissonant music. There is a slightly macabre, effecting humour that runs through Simon’s approach to making work. The finale of the event was a prize giving of several of his paintings of Pugs in Space to the best dressed.

Simon says: “The residency at CAC has been a wonderful experience for me on every level and I'm thrilled to have been able to do so much and make a lot of work/new friends."

The South London Gallery, made a film about his residency and he also made a performance to camera for them, which will appear on their website at some point soon.

His next show is at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) on the Jubilee Campus, Nottingham University. A catalogue with an interview is being produced so I'm hoping to organize a review of the show when it happens.

I am looking forwards to seeing the films Simon made during his CAC residency. Watch this space for more news.