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Trish Wheatley looks forward to 'The First Four' / 21 August 2012

I was drawn into the world of Disability Arts four months after Adam Reynolds passed away. Consequently I never got to meet the man that lives on so fondly in the memories of his contemporaries.

I worked at Holton Lee, where I saw his work displayed in the buildings on a daily basis. His major legacy, aside from his wonderfully insightful and at times humourous sculpture, is the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary. Its fifth recipient, Simon Raven is currently in residence at Camden Arts Centre.

One of the events I’m most looking forward to during my time at DaDaFest in ‘The First Four’ symposium, a Shape and DaDaFest collaboration which sees the first cycle of four bursarists talking about their experiences and the impact that winning the award has had on their practice. Chaired by Shape’s CEO, himself a disabled artist and sculptor, Tony Heaton, the four artists Noemi Lakmaier, Sally Booth, Aaron Williamson and Caroline Cardus, will engage in a conversation about their very differing practices and the commonalities of the experiences and opportunities provided by the residencies.

Tony explains that “Something we never really get time to do is sit down and listen to visual artists talk about their work, this is a fantastic opportunity to do that.” For me, this is a really exciting prospect because I personally find that the arts is always made more interesting if we know context in which it is made.

That’s another reason why I found the DaDaFest Evelyn Glennie performance and talk a so much more fulfilling experience than a performance on its own.

If you’re around in Liverpool at 1:30pm on Wednesday 22nd August why not pop into the Bluecoat for this FREE event as part of DaDaFest? I hope to see you there.


Deborah Caulfield

21 August 2012

Will this conversation be filmed and made available on the internet..? I hate to miss out but I just can't get there.

Trish Wheatley

22 August 2012

I don't think it is being filmed but there will be palantypists there so hopefully notes will be made available. I will be doing a write up as well.