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Colin Hambrook introduces The O’Crypes / 20 August 2012

The O’Crypes have whet the appetites of many DAO readers with over a 1000 pageviews since episode one which we published on 9 July.

Many of you have left messages saying how much you’ve enjoyed the characters and have followed the dilemmas they are facing in the plight of dramatic cutbacks to services whilst huge amounts of money are being spent on the Olympics and the Cultural Olympiad.

Each episode is set to represent a different storyline about each member of the family cutting across age, gender and race. However it seems that publishing the strip separately from the blog was confusing a lot of readers. Click here to find the latest O'Crypes strip in our gallery section.

It has been a strength of the commission that it has caused some controversy.

Some commentators have left messages expressing concern that our family of disabled people are too prescriptive in their attitudes: others that they are not dogmatic enough.

Episode five saw Brad in conflict between his sense of the injustice at the rough treatment of disabled people in the current climate and his admiration for the blade runner Pistorius.

Many of us are torn between a love for watching the sport and a sense of what they mean politically. If you were brought up in a special school and swimming at Stoke Mandeville was a highlight of your youth; who could blame you for wanting to see those games.

On the other hand the cynical move of ATOS to sponsor the Paralympics whilst chopping peoples’ benefits is an obscenity. Paul Silson of 'Workers Power' recenty reported that “In the last three years 32 people, deemed fit for work by Atos and therefore having their benefit axed, have died within weeks of the decision.”

Last weeks episode saw Nabs reflecting on the BBCs Written World poetry project.

This weeks episode sees Jood missing her dance classes as the pinch of the cutbacks takes its toll on the family. Click here to see episode seven of the O’Crypes