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Colin Hambrook reflects on Nicky Clark's 'Pay Me, Don't Play Me Campaign' / 10 June 2012

screenshot from Nicky Clark's PAyMe Don't Play Me Campaign

Screenshot from Nicky Clark's 'Pay Me Don't Play Me' Campaign

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Liz Carr wrote recently in an interview with Richard Downes on DAO that what bothers her is how worked up the media gets with lambasting comics like Ricky Gervais over 'mong gate' when the reality is that nobody gives a shit about the real issues affecting disabled people’s lives.

You can be declared fit for work by Atos just six weeks before you die - and it might just about make the Guardian's letters page!

Nicky Clark has recently written an insightful piece for the New Statesman looking at the hypocrisies of how the media works. Celebrities like Frankie Boyle will ignore disability hate crime for sake of a laugh, and will then appear on Comic Relief bigging up the worthy cause of helping the poor deserving disabled children.

Having grown up through the disability movement of the past 20 years I've learnt to see how media phenomena like Comic Relief are an extension of disabilty hate crime; set up to make the 'normals' feel better about themselves through patronising projects which support charities run by non-disabled people and  rarely if ever directly empower disabled people.

Nicky has recently set up The Don't Play Me Pay Me campaign which seeks to actively encourage disabled people to follow their chosen creative career path.

I'd recommend endorsing the campaign which has similar aims to DAO in, amongst other things, providing a forum for all disabled actors to encourage debate and empower them to have their voice heard and listened to. She has taken up the challenge of engaging with the likes of Ofcom and Channel 4 and has received a fair bit of press coverage in her efforts to make her campaign known.

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richard downes

18 June 2012

sounds to good an opportunity to miss for we all shot pudsey bear