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> > > Driving Inspiration win Hollywood animation award with ‘Light Up the World’ – a global collaboration for Paralympics London 2012

Now in its 18th year, the 2013 International Family Film Festival was held (May 1st - 5th) at Raleigh Studios in the heart of Hollywood. Creative Bucks project Driving Inspiration entered an animation created last year and came first in the Youth Animation Class.

From March to the end June 2012, 495 disabled and non-disabled children and young people in 12 countries and 24 schools collaborated with ten disabled and deaf animators and artists, eight Paralympians, and two disabled musicians, exploring the values of the Paralympics and creating a journey for the Paralympic torch, celebrating its history from the birth at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to London 2012, and its handover to Brazil.

Looking at the values of Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality the overseas schools produced drawings, storyboards and music ideas to direct schools in the UK in production. This was a remarkable journey for us all, using the internet to connect us to all corners, from the most cosmopolitan to the most rural. 

“What struck me as the producer was how enlightened our leaders of tomorrow are, and how they embraced sharing ideas and thoughts with an open enthusiasm despite vast variations in culture, economic, and political security. I am comforted that our world in 50 years time will be a better place because of them, in the same way that attitudes towards disability have been changing since the birth of the Paralympics. An enormous thanks must go to all the artists, Paralympians, teachers and pupils involved in this work, especially to the Creative Director David Bunting”. Vicky Hope-Walker

The film was made by 10 schools across the South East of England in collaboration with 14 schools across the globe including Germany, France, San Marino, Uganda, Signapore, Nepal, USA, Brazil, Bosnia, Israel and Turkey. It was supported by Creative Bucks, Arts Council England and Accentuate.

The Award is from the Hollywood International Family Film Festival, IFF, and came first in the Youth Animation Class.

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