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The Mad Ten Commandments / 7 June 2011

Well, have been away a while, but this is the year my soul felt like it was dying. By virtue of having a job and the expectation of me to be 'normal', when normality feels like a barbed-wire enema, is sucking the soul out of me. It just grinds on my values. Of course, not all mad people are sensitive, free-thinking people, but I think quite a few are and are being punished for their reactions to a venal, judgemental world. To me, someone yelling to people in a bank that they won't find their souls in there isn't cause for a Section 136; it is a truth people don't want to look at, lest they go mad.


So to counteract that world, I have come up with an alternative set of commandments. There was no burning bush to inspire, but some burnt toast as an outcome of scribbling this down.


The Mad 10 Commandments

1. Thou shalt not kill free thought
2. Do not worship the ratrace
3. Keep Black Sabbath on your turntable
4. Do not make meds your idol
5. Do not fuck people over
6. Honour your soul and the souls of others
7. Do not steal these commandments; they are copyrighted ;-)
8. Do not lose your sense of humour
9. Do not covet normality
10. Do not follow commandments

Dolly Sen is a visual artist, writer, film-maker, and performer interested in non-consensual reality, outsidership, empathy, authenticity and absurdity.You can find her website at

Keywords: disability pride,mad creative,mad pride,mental health,normality,subversion,


Marysia \"Isha\" Kurowski

11 June 2011

I love them Dolly - a heck of a lot better than the old 10!


11 June 2011

Ah yes! That old 'normality' conundrum! Don't rock the boat too much and take the money and be thankful.... Not!

Be true to yourself and don't let the b's get you down xxx


11 June 2011

This whole piece made me smile with recognition and brought to tears to my eyes. I've nothing erudite to write here; only to say thank you for writing something so truthful so beautifully. I can confirm that Dolly Sen's soul is alive and well.