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Dolly Sen writes a letter to a CCTV Camera / 5 October 2010


Dear Poor Lonely CCTV Camera,

Do you ever get the feeling you are missing the point? That the cameras are pointing the wrong way? That the people who enforced your use are the ones who should be scrutinised? Are your circuits infringing our rights willingly, or is your will remote controlled - like ours?

The world isn't black and white. We are not black and white.

Are you sad that you are not watching a flower grow, or the sun setting on an ocean?

You see people laughing, but are ever let in on the joke? You see 1000s people a day, but do you KNOW any of them? Tell me their dreams and aspirations. Tell me what makes them really happy. You can't. You only see their blank, immobile expressions. That is the kind of humans you like to see.

The ones who scream, cry, die and dance gives you big erections. You love people's pain. 

Watch my heart break. I know you can see me. Watch my heart break and see nothing.



Keywords: disabled people's protest,politics,subversion,



5 October 2010

Only you can take hold of something that has crept into our lives without us really noticing and turn the whole thing around until it's pointing back at its architects. This is what you do best Dolly. x