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Dolly Sen pays tribute to Amita Patel / 16 August 2010

I am well aware of the statistic that states one in ten people with serious mental health difficulties will commit suicide. But statistics are for the safe and sound, statistics turn human hearts into empty numbers.

They don't say one in ten people are failed by the mental health service, they don't say one in ten sensitive, kind hearts couldn't take any more of the cruelty and selfishness of the world, or that one in ten talented, artistic people will no longer create.

Two lovely people, two fellow artists, two fellow fighters of the system, two people who I had the hugest respect for, ended their lives in the last few weeks. It has done two things: it has both stoked the fire that will keep me fighting for equality; but it has also left me cold.

Amita Patel was both a writer and an activist. We both shared a love of writing, and when it came to protest the closing down of a culturally sensitve service, IĀ held the left pole of the placard, and she held the right. Survivors Poetry have paid tribute to her on theirĀ website

One in ten thoughts will kill you, one in ten people will love you, one in ten words will sing you song, Goodbye friends.

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9 December 2010

Hello Dolly read this and am crying, tears streaming down my face, this touched me so deep. Like you say two more beautiful hearts will not beat, two more wonderful individuals who are no longer here, with us. no more here on this plane able to fight the good fight.

A good friend of mine ended it all by pouring petrol on herself and lighting the match, the pain and injustice never leaves, this brought it all back probably for the right reasons.

Its time for me to get active and start fighting, a fellow Bi-Polar survivor. Get in touch I will hold the right side of the placard.

Especially in this current political climate with David Cameron and George Osborne hounding and harrassing the mentaly ill.

May the Angels look over you and see your dear friends safe.

Love and regards Poppy,