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Dolly Sen is obsessed with angels / 8 July 2010

angel against a fiery background

Angels like to sleep in fire © Dolly Sen

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I am obsessed with angels at the mo. I am seeing them everywhere, am writing about them, and painting them, and feeling the breeze from their flapping wings on my face, or could it be that I don't know a pigeon from an angel...

Latest writing about angels:
The world is full of cynical angels. The sun is an oven with its door open, cooking a chicken. The chicken still dreams and gleans some satisfaction that its tasty skin will explode some human's heart and render that human's dreams obsolete. What the chicken doesn't know is most human dreams go nowhere, and their waking states only slightly further than that.

Yes, the world is full of cynical angels. Dreams turn us into whores of poverty and purity. We no longer become upstanding, respected members of our collective doom.

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8 July 2010

It depends on the dream and the angel. Some can give comfort - enough to carry on through the trials and tribulations. The only angels worth taking notice of are those that help you find solace in the small things of life.