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Dolly Sen writes a poem while waiting for the gasman under a Lithium Sun - / 22 April 2010

Am waiting for the gasman to make an appearance at my mum's so they can fix her boiler, I have done my work for the day, so instead of twiddling my thumbs, I did a bit of writing about bipolar. I was inspired by my friend Lynn Harrison posting 'Lithium' by Nirvana on her FaceBook page.

You say my sun shines too bright,
but if you have had the dark clouds I've had,
you could give nothing less.
Yes, sometimes the sun blinds others.
But with it, I can just about see where I am going.

You can turn off the light if you want, you have the power.
You can give me back the dark room. 
But once in there, you ask me to leave that too.

1000 watt or nothingness is me, I guess. 
You can force the 50 watt on me, but it doesn't fit the slot.
I have tried pushing it in; my soul is torn to prove it.

Until you change your light into one that fits,
one that shines and doesn't laugh at dreams,
let me shine my way, until I can see where I am going,
and the sun can rest behind the trees.


Hey up folks - my friend Dawn Willis has written an Open Letter to Stigmatising Mental Health Charities on her Wordpress blog

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Pink pjs alias Lynn Harrison

23 April 2010

That's really, really good Dolly! I'm glad I inspired someone :D